About us

We are a technology-driven financial services company that focuses on the needs of our customers. We believe that everyone deserves financial peace of mind. As a result, we’re building a new kind of financial platform that helps our customers get ahead by helping them manage their money easily, quickly, and safely. We are founded under the philosophy of high standards, loyalty, and transparency.

We offer convenient services that include electronic money transfers, bill payment, and tools to help with budgeting and saving.

High standards

We believe that financial institutions are obliged to provide the highest standards. Authorized by FCA as an Electronic Money Institute, we create an ideal financial environment for personal and small to medium businesses.


Being loyal to our clients means that we strive to create a strong and open relationship between our team and our customers. We consistently strive to create the best solutions to make our clients feel comfortable and safe.


Transparency and honesty are the pillars of our philosophy. As a client, you always know where your money is, what new partnerships we sign, and what our goals are.

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